Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sloane Blog Tour

My oldest daughter, Kylie, started off this Fall with barely any clothes for the cold weather. I sound like a broken record by now, but it is hard to find this girl clothes that fit! I try to make her as many clothes as I can, but with four kids with lots of activities, I am limited in time. I'm sure most people can relate. 

Enter the Sloane Sweater by Love Notions. It's a quick pattern with great results! There are a lot of options included in the pattern, but if you stick with the most basic ones, you can whip out a sweater in no time at all! 

Thanks to recently testing this pattern, and this blog tour, I was able to make Kylie four cozy shirts to kick off her Winter wardrobe. 

I can't pick a favorite and neither can she. In fact, she was driving me crazy trying to pick one to wear for school yesterday.

But before I show off her new sweaters, let's go over the pattern real quick. I love that it is drafted with sweater knits in mind. It's not the only fabric you can use, by far, but I do love sweater knits!

There are two views, both are perfectly slouchy but view A does have some shaping where view B is a straight boxy cut.

View A has a slight curved hem, and view B is finished with a band. Both have long sleeves finished with a cuff and a slight drop shoulder. 

Options include: kangaroo pocket (view B), hood or neckband, yoke, elbow patches. A thumbhole cuff is another option featured on the Love Notions blog.

First up, here is view A, no options with a neckband.

I have been holding on to this sweater knit from Joann for a couple years now. Funny story... when I bought it I envisioned a cute slightly slouchy sweater, but didn't have a pattern in mind. I had the Sloane pattern for women. I actually helped test it and it's what started my love affair with Love Notions patterns. I thought if only LN would put out the same pattern in girls' sizes, it would be perfect. I'm so glad I held on to this fabric, it was worth the wait!

Kylie and I both especially love that the heart of the fabric fits perfectly on the cuffs:

The slight curved hem is flattering and easy to sew since it's not a very dramatic curve. The back is also slightly longer, but only very slightly. 

This will be a great sweater for Kylie this Winter!

Can you spot the IKEA sign and building in the background. I didn't notice it when taking pictures, oops! But it makes me smile, we love IKEA!

Next up is view B, also with a neckband and without any options, with a sweater knit from Sincerely Riley. 

I love this one so much. It's effortlessly chic and cozy. I did lengthen the band a little bit because her hip measurements put her in a bigger size than her chest measurement and I didn't want it to be tight on her hips. The band isn't tight to begin with, but I added just over an inch which made it almost a 1:1 ratio. Besides adjusting for her height, which I do with anything I make for her, I didn't make any other adjustments. 

I love the fit of the cuffs, they are tight enough to hold the sleeve at the wrist but aren't too tight to be uncomfortable. 

View of the neckband and the slight drop sleeves. 

I couldn't leave this picture out! We had a fun photoshoot! 

This third one is view A, also no options and with a neckband. I didn't use a sweater knit for this one, it's some type of polyester knit from a mystery box from Pretty Posh Prints. 

I made this "sweater" during pattern testing. She has worn it on a weekly basis since then. I also made myself one during testing, since the women's pattern was tested again for an updated release at the same time. I'll have to share my versions a different day! The only thing I will share now is that I used a brushed polyester knit which turned out great for this pattern.

Finally the fourth one is view B, with the yoke and hood. I used a Liverpool fabric which was in the same mystery box as the previous one. Actually make that the previous two because mine was from the same box. Pretty Posh Prints has the best mystery boxes!

I almost decided not to share this version because I made it very early in testing and the pattern has been tweaked since then. But Kylie has worn this more times than I can count since I tested this, so I felt like it was worth sharing. Just keep in mind this one is not the final pattern which was released. The changes were all small, but I can't even remember what they were at this point. Love Notions pays huge attention to detail during the testing process so I just know small tweaks here and there were made. 

The optional yoke is a fun touch! 

The yoke wraps around to the front:

Congratulations if you made it though all of those pictures! I think that is a record for my blog posts. 

The fun doesn't have to end here though. Check out all of the other bloggers on the tour, there is a lot of fun inspiration for the Sloane Sweater for both girls and women!

And if you want to check out the actual pattern, you can view them here*:
*Affiliate links. Should you purchase a pattern after clicking on the link, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only promote patterns I love!

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  1. My daughter is so jealous of your daughter! She wants a closet full of Sloanes and after seeing yours, I will definitely add more to her wardrobe!

  2. Nice way to build a wardrobe! I think I need to make a few Sloanes for my daughters now!