Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sew what do I wear for Valentine's Day?

Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates are hosting another fun blog series!

Just like last time the question is "Sew what should I wear?" but this time the theme is Valentine's Day.

That's right, Valentine's Day is just two weeks away and it's time to dress the part!

The past few years, for Valentine's Day, my husband and I have actually gone on a double date with another couple who are close friends of ours. 

This year, not only are we keeping up with the double dating tradition, but we even invited two more couples to join us, so it's a quadruple date.

Our plan is to go to an escape room. Have you heard of them? We went to one last year and they are so much fun! 

Last year, we did the escape room with our normal "Valentine's Day couple" and a few strangers were in the room with us too. However, the people in the room with us were young and in love and just walked around the room the whole time holding hands acting twitterpated (bonus points if you know where that word is from!)

Needless to say, we did not escape. The love bird couples were no good at finding clues. Which is why this year, we invited other people to join us so that our room would be full and they couldn't add randoms to our group this time. 

There will be no hand holding, only lots of clue finding this time. 

Doesn't that sound so romantic? No hand holding! Find clues! Chop Chop!

It's going to be a blast.

So the plans are made, but the question remains... Sew what to wear?

I need something warm, since we are going to be downtown and potentially walking a lot. Comfort obviously is important too. I never really wear anything too "themy" so it doesn't need to be pink or red or have hearts on it. But something sweet or romantic would be nice since we don't have the chance to go on dates very often. And it is Valentine's Day after all. 

I ended up deciding on a LBD (little black dress) and a leopard print cardigan. Really you can't go wrong with a LBD, and the leopard print gives it a fun "going out" vibe. 

I have never worn leopard print before and was a little nervous to try it out. I was worried it would be a little bold for me, but I love it!

I'm really excited about the cardigan! I will be able to wear it casually with a tee and jeans or leggings or dress it up like I have done in this outfit. 

The pattern is Pattern for Pirate's Cocoon Cardigan and I can tell I'm going to need to make a few more cardis from this pattern. It is a dolman style, super cozy cocoon style with multiple lengths, sleeve lengths, and a couple different pocket options. I think I need to make one with tall bands next, it makes a long tunic style cardigan and looks great with leggings, which is a plus in my book. Check out the pattern, with lots more pictures here.*

This is me awkwardly showing off the dolman sleeve:

To go with the cardigan, I made a simple black dress, which I will be able to wear multiple ways in my wardrobe. 

I used the Made for Mermaids Mama Mya pattern, which also has a lot of options. Not only does it make a fantastic basic flowy tee shirt style dress, but it also has a shirt and tunic length. 

I did alter the pattern by making it into a high low style by lengthening the dress, taking some away from the front on a curve and adding length to the back also on a curve.  I accidentally made it a little too short in the front for my taste, so I hemmed it with a rolled hem on my serger instead of a regular hem. It's alright, not my favorite way to hem, but I didn't want to lose any more length in the front. 

That's what I get for altering patterns, ha! I still love the outcome and will definitely make this pattern again. I love basic tee dresses in the summer and this one has the perfect casual and easy shape. 

I made it short sleeved so I can wear it layered in the winter or on it's own in the summer. 

I love each piece on it's own, but really just love this whole outfit.

The fabric in both the cardigan and the dress are brushed polyester from Love Adore Knits. (Check out their Facebook page.) 

If you haven't petted felt brushed poly before, you are missing out. It's so soft! It also makes great leggings, and I'm trying to decide if I need leopard print leggings in my life.

My 7 year old has already claimed the remaining piece of leopard print fabric and begged me to make her something with it. 

When I asked her if she liked my cardigan, she answered "No fair!" 

So I guess I will be making her something leopard print soon. 

She actually wants me to call it cheetah print, because she says she likes cheetahs more, but I'm pretty sure this is leopard. Right? Any big cat experts want to weigh in?

The patterns I used can be purchased here:

For more Valentine's Day sewing inspiration, be sure to check out the rest of the blogs in the tour. There are some very talented sewing ladies lined up and I love seeing all of their creations:

Feb 3 - On Wednesdays We Sew/ The Crunchy Mommy/ Margarita on the Ross/ Four Seasons and a Road Trip

*There are affiliate links in my post. I receive a small compensation for any purchase you make using an affiliate link. I have a sewing addiction, so I greatly appreciate it. All opinions are my own and I do not promote a pattern I do not love.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Love Notions Terra Tunic

Love Notions has just released a new pattern... the Terra Tunic.*

I took a little bit of a break from sewing after Christmas, but this pattern was just what I needed to get reunited with my sewing mojo. 

I'm so happy that I sewed this up!

Honestly, I'm a sucker for a tunic. I have a long torso and store bought shirts are rarely long enough unless they are a tunic. I've even been known to wear mini dresses as long shirts. This is just another reason why I love sewing: I can make things that fit me instead of struggling with limited options in stores. 

There are quite a few tunics and long shirts on the sewing market already, but check out the options in this pattern:

First of all, there are five different neckline options:

-Scoop Neck
-V-Neck Hood

There are also optional elbow patches and welt pockets. The designer even includes a video tutorial for the welt pockets. Love Notions always has excellent instructions included in her patterns, but the video tutorial is a nice bonus! 

I chose to sew the asymmetrical neckline, because I don't have anything else like it in my closet. I like variety. 

Isn't that a fun neckline? The buttons are optional, but I'm glad I added them. They add a nice weight to the collar and I just like wood buttons. 

My dad says that raisins go with everything. Maybe I'll start saying that wood buttons go with everything. (Hi dad! I'm sure you are reading this. Happy birthday by the way!)

Can we talk about that fabric for a second? It's a medium weight sweater knit from So Sew English. It's so soft. It was easy to sew with, which was a nice surprise because if you have sewn with sweater knits before, you know how nasty they can be sometimes. This particular one was a piece of cake to sew and the weight is perfect. 

I can never go back to store bought clothes after being spoiled with these nice fabrics. I took my daughter clothes shopping last week and I cringed feeling how thin some of the fabrics were. But I didn't have much choice. It was either buy them or wait until I have time to sew for her, which would have meant she would have to go naked until I got around it to it. I bought her the clothes. 

So Sew English has a Facebook page here and their online store is here. You will want to join the Facebook group to see when they have their store stockings and to follow for other store information. 

I didn't make any modifications to this tunic except for adding one inch in length at the waistline. The fit is wonderful. For those who care about good drafting, the sleeves were not cut on the fold and the testing was very thorough on the fit overall. 

The bustline, waistline, and hip line are all marked which makes it easy to alter the pattern should you need to. In addition to the size chart, there is also a finished measurement chart. 

The tunic has a deep (2.5") split hem, with the back being longer than the front. 

I do want to take a minute to brag about my stripe matching on the side seam. Check this out, the seam is almost invisible. High five to me! (Seriously, this doesn't always happen, so I'm going to take advantage this time and be a show off.)

Boom, stripe matching like a boss! 

The Terra Tunic is is currently on sale for 20% here.* 

Be sure to check out the link above to see all the pictures of the other necklines! I think I want to try a boatneck next. 

For more inspiration, check out more blog posts: 

Mac styled her funnel neck tunic with a vest, which I never would have thought of doing, but is completely adorable. Her blog is found here. 

Kimberly made a beautiful striped boatneck, found here.  

And check out Stacey's hooded version here: I seriously need a hooded one too. Thankfully I have my sewing mojo back so maybe I will knock out a few more Terra Tunics soon and try more options. 

*There are affiliate links in my post. I receive a small compensation for any purchase you make using an affiliate link. I have a sewing addiction, so I greatly appreciate it. All opinions are my own and I do not promote a pattern I do not love.