Friday, August 18, 2017

My Favorite Things

...Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...

This month's theme for the Sewing by Ti's blog tour is "My Favorite Things" and before I share, I want to make sure the song is stuck in your head like it is stuck in mine.

...When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, 
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad...

Sorry not sorry. I just can't get the song out of my head.

This was kind of a hard theme for me. I have too many favorite things. My mind was going in a million directions. Should I make a hoodie? A raglan? A maxi dress? Something floral? Or maybe some shorts? I could have easily sewn any of those and explained why it was my favorite. 

But I didn't make any of those things. 

Instead, I chose to share one of my daughter's favorite dresses. 

This is Eve, modeling her giraffe print dress. 

This girl is obsessed with giraffes. Her dream in life is to travel to Africa and see giraffes in the wild. She would specifically love to go to Kenya, but seeing them in their natural habitat in another country would also amaze her. 

So when I saw a giraffe print remnant on Knitpop, I snatched it up right away. It's actually swim fabric, but I sewed a dress instead of swimwear as she wanted something she could wear to school. 

In keeping with the theme of this post, I used a Love Notions* pattern, which is easily one of "my favorite things." I always have great success with this pattern company. (affiliate link)

This specific pattern is the Prisma (affiliate link), and I already blogged about it once here. There are so many ways to mix and match the options to get multiple different looks, but the drop waisted swing is my favorite. It's so easy, but adds so much life to a simple dress pattern. 

And naturally, it's great for twirling.

So there you have it, a dress that is a mix of favorite things and my daughter's favorite thing.

She loves it and so do I.

As part of this blog tour, we were asked to share about our favorite sewing tool(s). I recently bought some sewing clips from Amazon. I didn't have high expectations, but I wanted to try them. These were much cheaper than other clips I have seen, so let's just say my expectations were really low. 

However, I love them! They are so much easier than pins! I don't use pins nearly as much as I used to because they slow me down, but I have been reaching for these clips all the time ever since I got them. They are much faster than the pins and they seem to hold everything in place better. I'm sold!

Here are the ones I bought: Amazon link. I haven't tried any others to compare, full disclosure, but I'm impressed with them. I bought them for around $10 so I think that the sales price is misleading because it always is that price, just FYI. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs during the blog tour! It's fun to see everyone's "favorite things!"

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