Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Pattern: Prisma Dress

Introducing the newest pattern from Love Notions: the Prisma Dress. (aff. link)

I made both of these dresses for Eve during pattern testing. She is one happy girl, I can't remember the last time I sewed something for just her. She usually gets her older sister Kylie's hand me downs and doesn't need me to sew her as many clothes. She also has less fit issues than her older sister, so I sew more for Kylie out of necessity as clothes off the rack just don't fit her very well. 

Well lucky Eve. Not only did I make her two dresses, but one of them is made with Shopkins fabric.

It's safe to say she is a bit Shopkins obsessed. Please don't ask me how many she owns, I don't even want to know. I think I counted about thirty on her bed alone as I tucked her in tonight. Yes, she sleeps with some of them, and yes, she has lots more. It's pretty much all she has received for her past birthday and Christmas presents, and she couldn't be happier about it. 

Eve told me that she was the *only* girl in her *whole* class who didn't have a single Shopkins outfit. Poor little Eve. At least she has this dress now. 

We are both very happy with the outcome of these dresses!

The pattern, drafted for knit fabric, includes three skirt options and three neckline options, meaning you could make nine dresses from the pattern and they would all be different. There are also two pocket options, but I didn't do any pockets this time. Three sleeve lengths are also included. 

Skirt options:
- A-line dress (all one piece, no skirt attachment)
- Pleated drop waist skirt
- Swing drop waist skirts

Neckline options:
- Band
- Peter Pan Collar
- Button Boatneck

The shape of the dress for all options is A-line and the skirt options are both drop waist. I have other dress patterns that have a tighter fitting bodice and with a higher skirt, and I don't have any patterns with a shape like this one. I'm very happy to add this pattern to my collection!

With the a-line shape, the dress hangs so well and it is very easy to wear and move in. 

I just love the shape of this dress and how it hangs. 

It's also great for twirling. Obviously the A-line option wouldn't twirl as well, but the flared and pleated skirt both have a lot of movement. 

I did not sew the peter pan collar or a-line dress, but I did the other options. 

Button Boatneck Neckline:

Banded Neckline: 

Drop waist pleated skirt:

Drop waist swing skirt:

Fabric for both dresses was from Joann. The Shopkins fabric is cotton lycra and the light blue is interlock. 

In addition to those two dresses, I also used the boatneck option to make Kylie a shirt, which I blogged about yesterday. You can see more pictures here. It was very easy! The only change I made (besides the length) was to take it in on the sides a little bit so that it wasn't as A-lined. 

I also have another dress cut out to sew up soon. I just can't stop using this pattern and I've only had it a little over a week! 

If you want to see more pictures of the different options and all the beautiful dresses sewn up by the other pattern testers, or if you want to buy the pattern to make some fun dresses yourself, you can see the listing here. (

I do want to give a shout out to Eve for taking pictures in crazy windy conditions. It was quite blustery outside and we did have to take our time and wait for those few seconds where the wind calmed down to take one or two fast pictures. And the wind was chilly. Thankfully she was a trooper!

But of course, she is also my crazy Everz and she did give me quite a few funny pictures. This one might be my favorite and I just can't not share it. :)

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  1. That last picture always cracks me up when I see it! Thanks for you and Eve for braving the windy weather for me!

    1. It was worth it, it's a great pattern! The last picture pretty much sums up her personality. :)