Monday, March 20, 2017

Color Me Lucky

Do you pay attention to the Pantone color of the year? I'm always curious to see what they predict as THE color of the year. I don't know why, but I've always been intrigued by it!

So naturally, I'm thrilled to be a part of the "Color Me Lucky" blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti which revolves around the Pantone color of the year and the coordinating palettes.  There has been a lot of great inspiration so far in the blog tour!

Today is my turn and I knew right away that I wanted to use this colorful liverpool fabric. I bought this a year ago from Pretty Posh Prints and was hoarding waiting for the perfect project to use it.

This year, the color of the year is "greenery." 

Photo credit:

It's a pretty cheerful green, and kind of reminds me of a lighter, playful kelly green. 

You can find a lot of different palettes on the Pantone website to help inspire you to coordinate colors either for decorating or for fashion. I noticed that the following palette, Moody Blooms, included several colors that were in my fabric. They may not be an exact match, but they are pretty close.

This color pairing and others found at:
Winter Bloom, Greenery, and Scarlet Ibis are all three represented in my fabric. I thought about trying to find a different color in the same scheme to use as a solid coordinate, but in the end I went with a neutral to tone it done a little. I still might try to hunt down the Red Dahlia color somewhere, I am drawn to it a lot!

The fabric pretty much told me that it wanted to be a pencil skirt and who am I to argue with that?

Excellent choice fabric! I should listen to my fabric more often. 

I used the Pencil Skirt pattern by Patterns for Pirates, which is free for their Facebook group members. Join the group if you want to find out how to get it for free. It is a very fast sew with several options. 

I have sewn a couple other pencil skirts before but had to take them in on the side seams because the skirt hung straight instead of hugging my curves. I don't have a lot of curves, so I want to show off the ones I do have! This was my first time sewing this particular pattern and it was perfect without any alterations. I will make more P4P pencil skirts in the near future. 

I went with the below the knee length and the taller rise. However, I have a long torso with a high waist, so it sits pretty high on me and the hem doesn't go past my knees. I could have added some length, but I like the hem where it is.

Here is me awkwardly showing you how tall the high rise option is:

There is a shorter rise option in the pattern, but I prefer higher rises as my natural waist is pretty high. 

I paired the skirt with my grey rayon jersey La Bella Donna shirt (pattern by Love Notions). I had made this shirt a while ago and I have worn it too many times to count. It's a great neutral in my closet so I wear it with lots of different outfits. 

I have the shirt tied with a matching rubber band, but I think I need to add some "real" tie shirts to my wardrobe soon.

I do want to also show off the hem. One of my favorite things about liverpool fabric is how easy it is to work with, including hemming with a double needle. Certain fabrics give my double needle a headache skipping stitches here and there, making me adjust the tension just right, but I have never had any issues using a double needle on liverpool. 

With that, I will leave you with a few more pictures of my "Color Me Lucky" outfit. 

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  1. What great color! I didn't even know you could use pantone to get MORE color palettes! I'll have to play with that too.

    I too am looking forward to adding in some tie t-shirts to my wardrobe. It sure beats sticking to plain boring tees!

    1. Thank you Ti!

      I kind of like plain boring tees, lol. But I do think some tie t-shirts are in order soon!

  2. What a great skirt and fun fabric. A tied tee would look super cute too. Crafty Like A Rox just put up a quick tutorial on how to hack a tee to add a tie.