Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Kids Clothes Week Day 2

My recap of day 2 of Kids Clothes Week is pretty boring. I made a couple basic tees to go with the mix and match "Wild Things" set that I started on day one. I used the same pattern, the Day Camp Set by Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

The first tee was made from recycling one of my long sleeve basic stretchy shirt that was in my closet. It had a couple bleach spots, so I never wore it unless it was to bed. I decided it might be fun to add a lot more bleach spots which would be more appropriate on a little boy than on me. I had fun with it and lightly misted it with bleach, then added more drops of varying sizes. 

I actually love how it turned out. My husband, however, thinks it's silly and doesn't understand why I would do this to a shirt I took the time to sew up myself. But he says since he doesn't have to wear it, he is ok with it. 

A possible bonus is that it helps tie in with the "wild things" theme as it is on the wild side, isn't it? Or is that a stretch? It doesn't matter since the rest of the mix and match set will fit the challenge perfectly and these tees are just fillers for the set.

The other tee is recycled from a waffle knit shirt from my husband's closet. It's pretty basic, but a fun color.

Please ignore the spot on the neckline. I tried it on Emmett and being a toddler, he had a runny nose which I didn't notice when I put it on. Ewww... sorry about displaying his bodily fluid on the internet. I will wash the shirt before he wears it, I promise.

Both shirts were easy to sew and fit great. I took in the green one a tad to make it more fitted and am very happy with it. Since the shirts were recycled, I used the original hemline to make this an even quicker project.

Just one more (very important) piece to this mix and match "wild things" set to complete!

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