Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Kids Clothes Week Day 1

Hello old blog... I remember when I started you, I vowed to make you my baby and spend lots of time filling you with projects and cute kid stories. You must feel so neglected.

See the problem is that very shortly after creating you, I started growing a new baby. Here's proof:

I know that this wouldn't have stopped most bloggers from continuing to keep up with their blog. However, this time, this pregnancy, I was not one of those women. I was hit with pregnancy fatigue so hard that my husband had to periodically check my pulse.


I was not hit this hard with my first three pregnancies. It was the strangest feeling.

I didn't even want to sew. That's when I knew I just wasn't myself.

Finally, it's the third trimester and the itch is starting to come back. It's not full on chicken pox yet, but it's starting to tingle.

Just in time for the Spring Challenge of Kids Clothes Week, the perfect opportunity for me to try to get my sewing mojo back.

The theme this season is Wild Things. How fun!

After stepping out of my pregnancy fog, and making sure the kids were still alive and the house hadn't burned down, I decided to first focus on my toddler Emmett.

My goal for this week is to create a few mix and match pieces to fit with the "Wild Things" theme.

The first two pieces I made on day one were created using the free pattern Day Camp Set from Peekaboo Pattern Shop and some fabric I was gifted from a friend back when I found out I was having a boy. So besides supplies, this project was free. Score!

I am not sure of the fabric source, but the shorts are made from what feels like home decor fabric. They are heavy with a hint of stretch.

The tee is made from a jersey covered with dinosaurs. The pattern definitely fits the "Wild Things" theme. In fact, the dinos are so wild, I think one of the t-rexes is eating a triceratops. Or they might just be in an intense battle. It's hard to tell, but they are for sure wild.

I wanted to return to my blog with a bang on my pictures and my first project, but a quick easy project was just what I needed to get back into it.

My pictures had to be fast because we were on the way to IKEA this morning. I promised my grade school daughters that I would take them there to play since they didn't have school. The play place fills up fast, so we had to hurry and get there early. A quick photoshoot on the driveway was all we had time for.

I'm really happy with how this outfit turned out. I think Emmett is too!

Please ignore the fact that he needs a first haircut. I'm in denial that my baby is getting big.

 Quit growing up baby boy!