Tuesday, September 19, 2017

11th Hour Gear

I made the cutest outfit for my son Emmett recently. And the best part is, he loves it too!

He kept saying this was his "Team Lightning" shirt and he pranced around making fighting moves with special sound effects that only three year olds can truly master. I'll call that a win!

He and I both love how soft the shirt is. Both the fabrics for the shirt and the pants are from So Sew English, in fact they were sold as a bundle together. The lightning fabric is a double brushed poly, hence the softness. The pants are a denim look knit. I'm not sure what the content of the pant fabric is but it's heavy, sturdy yet drapey, and very stretchy, the best of everything! I want more of this magical fabric. 

I used the 11th Hour Gear pattern from New Horizons for both the shirt and the pants. Although this is technically a pattern for pajamas, it makes great basics that can be used for regular wear as well. The shirt is a muscle tee, short sleeved tee, or long sleeved tee, with or without a unique pocket. And there are actually two separate pant patterns also included: a straight leg pair of pants and joggers. There is a lot you can do with this pattern set!

I made a long sleeve top without the pocket, just to make a super basic piece. The lightning fabric speaks for itself. I love how the cuffs are nice and tight because this boy loves chewing on his sleeves and he hasn't tried it with this shirt. 

I also made the joggers, and I love the fit! They are the perfect balance of slouchy and fitted. This might be my go to pattern for quick knit pants for him. He just started preschool and these will be great as he looks put together but can easily move around and play. Emmett loves them too. I know because when I tried to get them back after trying them on for the fit, he said: "No these are my pants now!" I had to wait a whole day before he reluctantly gave them back.

The pants are 3T lengthened to 4T. For the shirt, Emmett measured in between the 3T and 4T. I made the lightning shirt in a 3T (lengthened to a 4) because I didn't want it to be too baggy. I know, I know... I should always make the next size so he can grow into it. But I knew what kind of fit I wanted and was too impatient for him to grow. A quick shirt like this is fast to make and I have more of this fabric so I can always make a 4T later.

He needs a lot of clothes for this coming up winter. I don't think I have any winter clothes that will fit him except for what I just made. So I also made a quick sweater using the same shirt pattern. This time I made a size 4T since this sweater knit doesn't have as much stretch as the brushed poly. 

Isn't he so cute? He did such a great job taking pictures. Look at the baby model:

This sweater knit was from a mystery box from Sincerely Rylee. I had a hard time parting with this gorgeous olive green fabric, but I knew Emmett needed winter clothes more than I did, so I happily made him this sweater. This should be a great basic for him!

Seriously, with the exception of him licking a rock, which I didn't even notice until I was looking through pictures on the computer, this boy did so well at pictures. He earned himself a sucker:

Happy kid
And because I can't disappoint you like that, here is the picture of him licking the rock, that I didn't even notice at the time:

And some more pictures, because I can't get enough of this kid!

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