Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kids Clothes Week: Days 1 and 2

Hello Kids Clothes Week!

Last time, we met, I started off strong and didn't finish. 

Well, not this time. In fact, my goal is to finish the clothes I cut up last time and didn't finish.

But first, this is what I sewed the last few days:

This is a set currently in testing by Love Notions. When it releases, I will post more info and some new pics. I took a few really quick pictures in our backyard which is currently a dirt wasteland. The new pictures will have to come from somewhere else. Somewhere prettier. 

But I wanted to have a few pictures of what I sewed for the first days of Kids Clothes Week, 

Pretty much, I chased this two year old around while he kicked a ball and ran around doing his two year old thing.

The shirt has several colorblocked options (or not if you don't want to colorblock anything,) two sleeve lengths, options for a V-neck, hoodie and crew neck, and even two hem finishing options (regular hem or faux layered hem.) Are you overwhelmed yet? Ha, so many choices! Which I love!

I sewed up the first version of the pattern but it is being revised and I'm very impressed with how it is turning out. I'm already planing my next two shirts. I'm hoping to squeeze at least one more out during KCW, one that fits the "toys" theme this season.

I went with colorblocking, long sleeves, hoodie and faux layered hem. I used interlock that I used in past projects and didn't know what I was going to the leftovers. The colorblocking made it easy for me to use the small pieces I had left. 

The set also includes pants: baggy cargo pants with a knit and elastic comfort waistband and elasticized hems. I used a linen so it would work well into spring and I love how it turned out. I'm in love with this color and want some linen rust colored pants for myself now.

Emmett says "Bye!" 

He's off to do more two year old things. He's a busy guy.

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