Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mommy and Me Raglan SAL, Day 2

It's day two of our sew along!

Today we are sewing on the sleeves and sewing the side seams. 

In my opinion, this is the easiest day. You probably don't need this blog post at all and can simply follow along the instructions in your pattern. And if you have made a raglan before or two, you probably don't even need those instructions.

However, I truly want to make this sew along easy for all levels of sewers. So if you want a little extra material to help you make your shirts, this blog post is for you. I would still consult your pattern first and use this pictures/instructions only if you are still having trouble. And if you still need more help, feel free to ask in the Simply by Ti group where the SAL is taking place. 

Raglans are a great project for a beginner as the sleeves are mostly a straight line. If there is a curve, it's minor. Raglans are also a great project for experienced sewers as they are a quick and satisfying project and fun to wear. I know I'm not getting tired of them any time soon. :)

The first step is to sew the sleeves to the front of the shirt RST (right sides together.) This is where the notches or markings you made yesterday will come in handy. Make sure you are sewing the front of the sleeve to the front of the shirt.

Next, sew the sleeves to the back of the shirt RST. It will look like this at this point.

The neckline isn't really that small, it's just how it's laying that it looks that way.

Next, press your seam allowance towards the inside of the shirt.

Next sew your side seams RST, starting with the edge of the sleeve all the way down to the bottom of the shirt in one seam. Once you sew both side seams, turn your shirt right side out, and voila! 

You might notice my serger tails in this picture. You do not need a serger to do this, a sewing machine works just fine. If you do use a serger, you can simply trim these tails. They will be enclosed in the hems or seam of the neckband, so they will not unravel. 

If you are feeling impatient, you can try the shirt on at this point. This was Emmett's shirt and although he says he likes it, he wasn't in the mood to take a picture. But I took one anyways. 

Keep in mind that the neckband will pull in the neckline a little bit. If it seems a little loose, that's normal at this point.

You might also take note on if you want to take a different hem allowance on the sleeves or the body of the shirt than your pattern requires. My pattern called for a 1" hem on the sleeves and body and that seemed fine to me. We will do the neckband (or whatever neckline you are doing) tomorrow and the hems the following day. Join us the Simply by Ti group to post your pictures!

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