Thursday, October 2, 2014

PRP: Denim Challenge, sewing fail!

This week at Project Run and Play, the challenge was to create an outfit using denim. I almost didn't participate because I have been doing a lot of other sewing and didn't think I could squeeze anything in before the deadline. However last night, I decided to make a quick shirt since I already had some denim in my stash.

I drafted this shirt last night and sewed it up today. I wanted a pretty simple sew, but wanted to dress it up with a pop of brightly colored handmade piping and matching fabric covered buttons. I had to wait until after school to try it on her and I was so sad when I did. I hated it. The bodice was too wide, especially at the shoulders, I wasn't a fan of the poof sleeve and the buttons down the front didn't look like I envisioned they would. It was also a tad too short. I wanted it to be more tunic length, but I think what happened is that I messed up on my high low hem. I think I drew the shortest part of the hem and when I cut the fabric mistook that for the longest part of the hem. With so many things that didn't turn out right, it's safe to say I will not be trying to fix the shirt, it would be faster to just start over. 

I debated not sharing this with you at all, because I hate it so much and it is giving my anxiety to share my failures! I decided, however, to keep it real and show you my mistakes. Trust me, I make plenty of them and there are clothes I have created that have never left the sewing room. Thankfully, it hasn't stopped me yet from starting my next project. In fact, I'm itching to get back to my machine and make something I can be proud of. 

And I would like to thank Kylie for modeling the shirt for me even though she was not a fan of the poofy sleeves herself. If I had more time, I would gladly sew her another denim shirt for the challenge, maybe using Peek-a-Boo's Classic Oxford, because I know it would fit her! But it's the last evening of the challenge, and dinner has to be made, so I guess I leave you with this disaster:

Thanks for not booing me! (At least I can't hear the boos from where I'm at, so I will just assume no one is.)


  1. good job trying and you're right... it happens to us all!! :)

  2. Failures are a great learning opportunity! I do love that piping!

  3. Such a great idea, the dark denim tunic with the bright buttons and piping! I can totally imagine what you had in mind, and I love it ;) Good on you for sharing anyway! I think it's worth a revisit.